Lorelei: Off The Chain by Traci Morris

“Secrets and Betrayals…”

Jaded and misunderstood, there is a reason why heiress, Lorelei Sampson, A.K.A. The Ice Princess, went Off The Chain. Beginning from her roots in New York, hang on tight for a roller coaster ride of twists to understand why a series of betrayals, decisions and secrets led her to where she is today. Can she go from heartache and bitterness to true love? Is there a redemptive solution for her? Can people really change?

Jason Scott, a handsome successful doctor that’s devoted to his family, loves his career and helping people. He seems to have it all together. Surprising to some, Jason has experienced a series of personal setbacks, but believes in a higher power. No one is perfect, so what’s his story?

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