Jump Off: The Deep End by Traci Morris

“A Good Girl Gets Caught Up…Don’t Judge Me Until You’ve Heard My Story…”

“Always perfect,” Merci Townsend, gets tangled into a relationship she never fathomed with an engaged, older, high-powered business man. In the process, she earns a sordid status – Jump Off. Going against everything she was brought up to believe, her life goes into a downward spiral, challenging her secret belief that she could make it without God.

Wealthy, millionaire business heir, James Jansen III, stokes the desires of women everywhere with his dynamic looks and powerful status. On the surface, he seems like the generic hero out of a romance novel. Underneath, the truth is anything but. He is unconditionally and irrevocably, human.

Jump Off:The Deep End is a Christian Cautionary Tale of Fiction that is UNAPOLOGETICALLY REAL, contemporary and full of romance. With elements of humor and the sobering truth, it’s inspirational without being too religious – and full of surprises!

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