My Encounter With A Superstar by Akira Lee

East Meets West…

Kelly Song is just trying to finish up her last year at UCLA. Her finals don’t allow her the luxury to get into the hottest K-Dramas like her friends can. To make matters even more laughable, they’re star-struck over many of the lead actors, which Kelly finds ridiculous. She doesn’t have time to fantasize about any guys, much less, untouchable actors.

Park Li-Hyuk is a huge star in South Korea and is in LA to film a series. Known for his ethereally gorgeous looks and for being completely off limits, cold and aloof Li-Hyuk has no time for relationships. Extremely private, he’s just trying to stay out of the limelight…until a beautiful, feisty American throws him completely off course.

Book 1 of the exciting, K-Drama Fever Series.

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