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The Java Tree

Our History

The Java Tree was destined to be a place where words, art and music converge. Founded in 2003, we were originally a web site where artist, Traci Morris, could display her sculptures and dolls. Some years later, it evolved into a marketplace carrying her distinctive line of stationery. Ultimately, the focus shifted towards books and music. Truthfully, Traci loved creating so many things, she couldn’t stick to one medium. After all, she began writing stories and poetry as soon as she could hold a pencil, drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon, writing songs, creating videos, and more, as she got older.

Our Mission

Here at The Java Tree, our focus is books, music, art, and just plain creativity. We believe there are many ways to tell a good story, why not combine them all? We’ll be exploring lots of new ideas, so join us on an exciting, colorful journey!


Getting into the writing field professionally is not an easy endeavor, but the journey can be fun and full of rewards. The Java Tree Publishing aims to help prospective authors get their story told. With experience in navigating today’s saturated internet book market, we’ve minimized the learning curve. We’ve already done the hard work and research for you. Our mission is to produce quality, classy books while we provide you, the budding author, a service of editing, cover design, book placement and promotion.


The music landscape has changed irrevocably and drastically over the last few years. PetalSoft Productions, our music publishing segment, is committed to keeping good, quality music on the airwaves via the exhaustive avenues of today. Our music is also created to be the focus – or the backdrop of an interesting story. We will be using music in new, innovative ways at The Java Tree to tell our stories.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Even better, have both! Incorporating graphics, storytelling, and music together, is a mission that should bring harmony and beauty to all of our senses. Let’s go for it!