Let’s Talk About Sex…

Face it, sex was created by God, and in its proper ‘Godly’ parameters, it is good and a part of life, literally. In my opinion, when writing an authentic love story, it shouldn’t be glossed over completely. That can really perturb readers. So how do you approach it if you’re writing a “clean” story? There are many ways to write a tasteful love scene that doesn’t involve gratuitous words that veer towards erotica or smut. Try substituting “naughty” words with others that leave things to the imagination. Although, to do it effectively, one must not overdo the substitutions or it can sound ridiculous.  Sometimes leaving sex to the imagination can be very sensual, which if written effectively, can be hotter than right in your face.

Here is an excerpt of a love scene that is tasteful without overdoing the “substitutions.”

“…then we took off to Wonderland, moving in a rhythm as old as time.

I was consumed by him, utterly and totally. I surrendered and allowed him to take me to heights I had never imagined. How did stars get inside the room? We were floating so high I could’ve sworn that we were soaring. I mewled and cried out repeatedly as he made sweet, sweet love to me. He whispered that I sounded so sexy. Pretty soon I felt myself building to a pleasure I hadn’t ever felt being joined with someone.

He moved more rapidly as if anticipating my impending rapture. We were building, building, rolling and rocking...”

Excerpt from “Jump Off: The Deep End” by Traci Morris

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